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Basic Questions from a Non-Stoner

Q: Can you cut the burning end off of a lit cone with scissors to save the rest for later use.


As silly as it may sound, I had a question about smoking cones that I had a really hard time finding an answer to.When I use a cone to try out new strains, I only need about 3-4 puffs to medicate and I don’t want to waste any of it. I’ve tried stubbing it out but it bends the end and makes it hard to light the next time you use it or worse, you end up with a little ball of green herb left burning and a hollow end (like a whole puff worth)

I looked up smoking tricks and more specifically, looked up if you can cut a lit cigarette, cigar, cone, joint, etc… Couldn’t find an answer so I decided to just try it.

It worked! I cut off just the burning part and stomped it into the snow and the remaining cone is neatly saved!

I am thinking about the possibility of creating a site where newbies and Non-Stoners can go with questions as a judgment free resource.

Is there a need or interest out there for something like this? Do you have a tip to share with others or maybe a question that you need an answer for?

Please let me know what you think.

3 thoughts on “Basic Questions from a Non-Stoner

  1. You surely can! You don’t need to down a full blunt to get help! Another thing you can do with vaporizing is by using a balloon you can “keep the smoke” in with a ‘chip clip’ (yes you can!) for upwards to a full day and keep using it. I use FECO, (fully extracted cannabis oil) that we made, and use 1 grain of rice amount in 00 blank gelatin capsules sold by “Now” (around $8 lasts a year), and am on 2 ½ years of using one batch. It lasts a long time. Its not getting high, it’s getting HELP.

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