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Hand Surgery?  Pfft, that’s easy…

Well, ok… maybe I AM a little nervous. 😬

I’m going to have a small surgery on my hand this Tuesday ( Jan 24) and I fully expect a quick and easy recovery.  I’m not really too worried about the pain either, I mean I’m used to pain so I’m asking myself… What am I feeling anxious about?

I’ve known for a long time the bump on my hand is a ganglion cyst.  It’s been there for about 25 years.  Sometimes it causes a lot of pain but mostly it’s just there.

Last month, I felt a pop and lots of pain and noticed there was another bump.  It freaked me out a little so I went to my PCP who sent me to a specialist…

The Specialist tells me that this bump is called a Carpal Boss which is actually bone and not a cyst (except I know for sure that the new bump from that sudden pop was a cyct but has shrunk again).  He says he may see it when he is in there and will remove it if he does but I detected some doubt there which bothers me some…

I KNOW what happened. I felt and saw an extra bump that is now gone… It’s the cyst I’ve always had.  The Carpal Boss is in addition to it, not the other way around.

Anyway, as you can see by the size and location of the bump, the tendon for my index finger snaps over it and this is wearing away at the tendon like a fraying rope.  I was told that if the bump isn’t removed, this tendon will eventually be severed and I won’t be able to straighten my index finger..   ugh, OK… Surgery it is then *gulp* 

The good news is that I am quite ambidextrous and have discovered that I am pretty capable with using my left hand for right handed things but being single handed for a couple of weeks will still be a challenge.

I’ll be taking Oxycodone but hope only need them for maybe a couple of days.  I hate taking pain pills.  I did make honey last week so I have plenty for when I feel like I can switch to that for relief.

My biggest worry is that they will be shaving down the actual bone and I have this insane vision of my cyst popping up when I’m in recovery… I cringe to think of the kind of pain involved in that.

I’m sure it won’t happen though, that’s just me and one of those extreme worries formed by a vivid imagination.  I do expect that it’ll be as smooth as can be.

I’ll keep you posted. 

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5 thoughts on “Hand Surgery?  Pfft, that’s easy…

      1. It’s now been 6 weeks since my surgery and I have to say that it was such an easy recovery for me. I’m using my hand like nothing ever happened.


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