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Magical Butter Machine Review


The Magical Butter Machine gets 4 out of 5 hearts from me. I purchased my MB2 machine in order to easily create infused butter, oils, honey and tinctures so I could gain more control over dosage for medical cannabis.

This machine is easily one of the best investments I’ve made so far.  The high quality is very easy to see as soon as you open the box.  Everything is packaged up very nicely inside a sturdy, high quality box that is great for continued storage use.

It comes with a manual that I find to be very easy to read and understand.  There are directions for cleaning the machine, how to decarb your medical cannabis, and detailed recipes.

The glove is very flexible and easy to clean.  It isn’t too bulky when using it to squeeze what you can out of the nice filter that is also included in the kit.

The filter is also flexible which does make it easy to use.  I love the size and the fact that you can squeeze as much as possible from it.  I do find it a bit difficult to clean but honestly, I’m not sure how they could improve the design… I figure that with the whole process being so easy, something has got to be a little work right?

The machine itself is super easy to clean.  You add some water and just a little bit of dish soap, run the clean cycle, rinse and then dry… Just like that you’re done! Hardly any mess… It’s crazy.

So overall, this machine is great.  It cuts out a lot of guess work, infuses quicker than other methods and is just so easy to use.  I absolutely love it!

Check them out and the best code I can find is $30 off using the promo code: WAKEANDBAKE

(Maybe someday I’ll have my own promo code to offer)

10 thoughts on “Magical Butter Machine Review

  1. I have a Question …. How much Marijuana does it require to make how much infused butter ? I have been buying the butter premade here in Florida for quite sometime . After seeing your post I am very interested in that machine myself …. Thanks 4 Your Time ….

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    1. Hi! The manual calls for 1/4 – 1/2 ounces of dry herb per each cup of butter. (The machine calls for a minimum of 2 cups)

      I’d say if you already have a tolerance, perhaps go with the higher amount. you can always weaken the recipe if you want to later (by using half infused butter and half plain)

      Totally worth it IMO 😊

      Please let me know if you end up going for it!


      1. Hi! Excellent question… It’s really hard to figure out dosage. It starts with the % of THCA in the strain, then depends on how well you decarb… But typically speaking, if you make 2 cups of butter using 28 grams of herb then you make a dozen cookies…. You can replace 2 tsp of butter with herbal butter, each cookie would be a dose of about 5mg. That is considered a micro dose.
        Micro dosing is a great way to medicate or you can eat 4-5 cookies and that would be closer to a normal 20-25mg dose.
        The other option of course is to increase the canna-butter … If you go with 4 tsp. You could eat 2 cookies, if you go with 6, you could eat 1.
        My first batch was made with all canna-butter and about a quarter of a cookie was likely more than enough.
        Does this make sense at all?

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      2. Oh and I forgot to say… You should get about 96 teaspoons at approx 30mg out of 2 cups if you used 28g of herb strain that has about 10% THCA before decarbing.


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