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Magical Medicated Honey – MB2 Machine

A few months ago I shared with you how to make a small batch of honey using a little crock pot and a mason jar. Here is that post if you’re interested.
Since then, I’ve purchased a Magical Butter Machine (aka MB2) and there really isn’t much out there on the process for making honey with it.  It kind of had me nervous because I really didn’t want my precious materials to go to waste.

There is a recipe on the Magical Butter website but you have to search for it… Here’s the link  for that (You’re welcome!)

Anyway, I still had questions because ounces vs. cups just don’t seem to really add up correctly when your talking honey. (At least not for me and my wacky math abilities)

So here’s what I did:

Magical Honey (MB2)

  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print


  • 1 oz Cannabis buds/trim (I bought a Baker’s Mix from my dispensary)
  • 40 oz container of honey
  • 2Tbsp distilled water (I used filtered water because it’s what I had)


  1. First decarb your herbs – best way is in an oven bag @ 250° for 30-40 mins in toaster oven (shake bag periodically)
  2. Then place the herbs in your freezer until completely cooled
  3. Place everything into your MB2 machine
  4. Select 130° and the 1 hour option

The machine does the rest! Well most if it.  When the cycle completes you’ll then use the MB2 strainer to strain the honey into glass jars or in my case I put most of it back into the container the honey came in. (Do this right away, if the honey cools too much, you won’t be able to strain it.

** Don’t forget to save as much strained herb as possible for later use.  I put mine in a labeled freezer bag and froze it.  I’ll use it to make a batch of chai tea later ☕️

Voila!! And just like that… you have infused Magical Medicated Honey!

My dose is a single teaspoon and I began to feel it after about 1/2 hour.  The affect depends on the type of cannabis you use but I like full sativa.  As the honey kicked in, I found that I had an increased energy level and I took advantage of it to fold some laundry and clean up a little before heading to bed.  I had a great night sleep with no side effects in the morning.

I really, really love my MB2, it’s been such a time saver!  If you’re interested, please feel free to use the code 420recipe at checkout for $30 off!

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