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What Defines Humor?

I have a very serious question. What determines humor?  Like for me, I can’t help it, I love slapstick type humor…. like this joke:

A man goes to a zoo
the only animal there was a dog
It was a schitzu

HaHa!! I think it’s hilarious!

So just like this joke, you either think my humor is funny or you just don’t or maybe you don’t get it…

OK so, my office has welcomed a new IT employee who came from “The Geek Squad” and we all got an email to welcome him and tell us a little about his past and what he will be doing for us… YAY!  We are all excited to have him!

So I was showing him around and helping him with a new task that he would be taking over when a couple of fellow coworkers stopped us in the hall to welcome him and they were like “Hey, I have a personal laptop that could be looked if you take on extra…”

So I said “Hey! He’s busy, call Best Buy, leave him alone!”
chuckle, chuckle…

and they were all like… OK then, guess they are busy and got on the elevator lol… so I looked at the new guy and said, “It was a joke, I don’t think they got it.” and he says “Strange thing is, I literally just came here from Best Buy, I worked on the Geek Squad”

“I know!! I got the email, we all did! No one gets my jokes!” lmao!!

Maybe I am really not all that funny… Maybe my humor is more of an insiders voice that is only funny when you get to know me… who knows!

Either way, it won’t keep me from talking farts with my 11 year old neighbor… We have had hours of laughter over that subject!


4 thoughts on “What Defines Humor?

  1. Your humor is contagious! But no.. not all get your humor for it is very dry! My brother is famous for the slapstick one liners.. his favorite is still; a horse walks into a bar and the bartender says, “why the long face?” He literally laughs at his own joke until he’s in tear which in turn gets us all going! Keep up with the 11 years old! -Kim

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      1. Just got into trouble on another blog cause they didn’t get my humor. Ooops. I don’t think I better comment sarcastically anymore. Especially when people are from other counties… My Nanny Joan is from England, she takes my humor for truth! Poor thing, I’ve scared her half to death before.

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