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Feeling Snazzy!

So in all honesty, today was rough… I had the worst shoulder pain ever and I actually started to think it might be more than Fibro until I thought about it and was like… Yeah, Fibro…

I do this all the time, I know what the usual symptoms are and when I have a particularly tough time, I begin to over think it and worry that I could be brushing off something worse. 

My husband and I joke about it actually.  Everytime I get a pain, forget something, do something off the wall nutty, trip, cry, etc… We shrug and say “Must be Fibro”.

I try hard to make routines for myself so I don’t forget things.  I try to put tasks in order so it’ll feel wrong if I skip something for example, in the morning I brush teeth, wash face, put in contacts, apply makeup, fix hair, then hearing aids.  (Yes, I am hard of seeing and of hearing) 

Some days when my mind is foggy, I mix up the order and then forget to put in my contacts before I apply makeup.  Ever try putting in contacts just after you put mascara on?  Not fun! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten all the way to work before realizing that I forgot my hearing aids! Kind of hard to do my job when I can’t hear stuff.  

Anyway, that didn’t happen today… but something kinda fun did happen today.  I got a Twitter notification that I had been added to a list called “Cannabis Experts” This cracked me up!! I don’t consider myself an expert but I told a couple of friends and one of them said “Well, you certainly seem to know your weed”!! Lol

Well ok then!  I will admit that I researched the shit out of it and maybe know more than some but I think I still have a ways to go. Still though, I’m feeling pretty snazzy about it! 


4 thoughts on “Feeling Snazzy!

  1. Yes,it worked! Thanks! Ok so since you are a cannibus expert 🙂 i have my first apt on monday and in florida it takes 3 months after the first apt to then get the prescription. Here is what i am hoping it helps with since no western meds can i handle at all….seizures, ptsd, pain from muscles bc of muscle disease, lyme disease, nausea, trigeminal neuralgia, bone pain….i think that is all of my diagnosis. Even if it helped one thing or if i could sleep!!!!

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    1. As an um cough expert… Lol… Seriously, I believe it’ll help. You’ll have to be patient as you discover which method of dosing is right for you but for me, I made my own capsules which work great for me when I decide to use it during the day… When I really need help with sleep, the infused honey has been a god-send!

      I’m sure that you will, but take this time to research the different strains and what they typically are used for… A super easy site to use is (pay no attention to what they say is or isn’t in your area) there’s a ton of info on many different strains along with reviews. Actually, the reviews can be very amusing to read lol.

      Also YouTube has a lot of videos about how just a few drops of tinctures help severe Parkinson’s and other stories like that, including people with seizures.

      At worst, it doesn’t really help you much but it’s natural and is far less harmful than pharmaceuticals in my (expert) opinion lol.

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