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10 Ways to be a Positive Faker

Have you ever looked at a really ill person and thought “Ugh, I wish they would fake being well so I wouldn’t have to see them suffer”? … Yeah, me either but I have wished that people wouldn’t fake being sick… I mean, don’t lie… If you want to use a personal day, say you don’t feel well and go home… Don’t fake cough and fake larangitis raspy talk to me then forget for a moment when I hear you say something down the hall (oops! Guess it comes and goes)
So if I find that so annoying, do I find the complete opposite annoying?  In my own way… Yes I do…. because I “fake” being well…

I “fake” it every day and I find that annoying.

Here’s the thing, if I actually told people how I really feel or “played” the part, if you will…. Who would believe it?  The thing that ails me is an invisible illness… It just doesn’t look like how it feels.  So, instead of looking like a  “faker” I “fake” that I feel good… It’s called being positive, haha!  A Positive Faker!

Are you a Positive Faker too?  Would you like to be one?

Here are 10 things that I say to fool everyone:

  1. “Oh I just stepped wrong. I’m not really limping, I’m shaking it off.” (Instead of “Hip is on fire, I need to sit down!”)
  2. “I’m just a little tired because I didn’t sleep well last night” (haven’t slept well in months)
  3. “Do you need help with that heavy box?” (Quick, look around for someone to delegate that to! Ha!)
  4. “My arm only hurts because I lifted a very heavy item” (the stapler, I lifted the stapler. Remember? I delegated that box.)
  5. “I’m doing great! How are you today?” (Instead of “Could hardly get out of bed this morning, let’s change the subject.)
  6. “Sure! I’d be happy to do that for you.” (Someday… When I’m not in aching pain)
  7. “I should go to bed early, lots planned for tomorrow.” (Yeah, everything I couldn’t do today because I was exhausted and likely won’t be able to do it all tomorrow either.)
  8. “Yes I know I don’t look sick; I’m lucky.” (Because my illness is invisible! Duh!)
  9. “I ran a half marathon last year, lets talk about our running experiences!” (because I can now hardly walk a flight of stairs without pain and would like to remember how that ordinary muscle burn felt)
  10. ” I must have forgotten what you said because I was eating those delicious cookies you made for me.” (That were burnt and tasted like salt… Eww. I just really don’t remember.)

I know I’m not the only one who fights every day to hide my various Fibromyalgia symptoms from everyone.  How have you mastered becoming a Positive Faker?


UPDATE!! An edited version of this post has been featured on The Mighty Site!  Take a look!

10 thoughts on “10 Ways to be a Positive Faker

  1. To acknowledge the beginning of your blog, it annoys me when people fake sick, but I try not to judge because maybe they call off work or fake because they have somewhere really important to me….I don’t know their story so until I do I don’t judge. But honestly, it does annoy me. Because I would LOVE to fake sick…than fake being healthy. People take for granted their health. I have epilepsy, nutcracker syndrome, pudendal neuralgia, anxiety, and undiagnosed chronic pain. I remember one time at work someone asked me if I would use my epilepsy as an excuse to call off work and just lie, saying I had a seizure. I was like what?!?! I was appalled when they said that and disgusted. Yes, let’s use my chronic health issue that people can die from and say that I’m sick, when I’m really not. Ughhh. I was livid. Never in my life would I do something like that. Sigh. Anyways, moving on to fake being healthy. All my chronic conditions are invisible illnesses as well. Everyday I look healthy and no one would even guess that I would have multiple chronic health issues. Nope, not at all. People are often shocked when I tell them. I’ve become a pretty good faker too. I don’t really fake around the people I care about it. I’m honest with how I’m feeling, but tone it down with them because I don’t want them to feel guilty or sad/bad for me and just be a debbie downer all the time. There are days when I’m depressed and I can’t help it and I’m honest with them, but other days I try my best to be happier for them, because I don’t want to pull them into my world. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy, I truly am, but life could be a bit better, it really could, and I’m hopeful that it will be. Anyways, so yea I’m a nurse and nursing is my passion I love helping people and my chronic conditions have helped me become a better nurse and helped me understand my patients and their situations more. I don’t understand exactly what their going through, but I can relate more. Nursing is an escape for and a distraction from all my health issue. My pain doesn’t go away while I’m at work, unfortunately, but I make it take a backseat because I know there are people who are counting on me who are also in pain. So I put on a smile and act all cheery, and I truly am all cheery because I truly love helping them in any way I can. Sure somedays are harder than others, but that’s when I ask for help and take breaks and regroup. It’s tough, but I try to be tougher…

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    1. You hit the nail on the head… The last thing I want is to be viewed as a ‘Debbie Downer’ so like you, I put on that smile and put my own issues aside so I can be as fully present to others as I can be too… I wish you were my nurse 🙂


      1. Me too 🙂 as a frequent patient sometimes I have good nurses, but so often in the ER I’ve been treated so badly and judged and it makes me sick. People always say nursing is a noble profession and now anytime I hear that all I think is about all the nurses that treated me so poorly. It’s terrible. But it’s just another motivation to be not like them and help more.

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  2. “… yeah, me either!” That post was simply brilliant! I cannot stop laughing. Yes, faker-faker-faker! It is just easier and frankly quicker to fake being well. The person who asks rarely cares or has the time to listen to how you really feel. Cheers to the Positive Fakers! Hope I am not out of line, I just really think you have a wickedly fun sense of humor. -Kim

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