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Skunks, Prison and a Little Luck 

Have you been wondering when I’d write my next blog entry?  It’s only been a month! Haha…

Let’s see, what have I been up to?  Well, I’ve been busy living life.  I spent some extra time with my sisters and carved pumpkins with the kids, won $1000 on a slot machine, had a super bad fibromyalgia flare up, found out that my ex will be spending the next 15 years in prison, found out that its ok to thaw frozen meat then freeze it again, listed a bunch of dolls on eBay for my mom, my dog has been sprayed by a skunk way too many times, and… Oh! I’ve been sleeping great now because of mmj… Crazy right!? You didn’t know I sold Barbies did you?

Look at the pumpkins we carved!

Here’s a look at Nigel, the legendary “Skunk Whisperer”

Ok so… in all seriousnes, I really did find out today that my ex husband will be spending the next 15 years in prison. Back in 2005, he was given a suspended 4 year sentence for sexually assaulting his wife at the time (me).  Now he’s been sentenced to 25 years with all but 15 suspended for sexually assaulting his most recent wife.  The article is here.

I reached out to her via Facebook I can’t tell you how proud I feel of that brave and incredibly strong lady.  She had to hang in there and fight for over a year for this and she told me that she hoped his sentence would provide some justice for me as well… Just, wow. I just love her ❤

I am so blessed to have a kind and loving husband and such a happy life now, skunky dog and all.  I am truly thankful.

Tonight’s strain: White Widow  (perfect!)

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