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Alternative Medicine for Fibromyalgia – Finding a Balance

When I started this blog a couple of months ago, I was looking to wean off of Cymbalta (aka: the devil himself) and begin using cannabis to manage 1. the withdrawals and 2. the illness.

I guess you can probably tell by my other posts that I did get a medical cannabis card and have been learning a lot about different ways to use and how much to take of my new medicine.

Along with widespread pain, part of my struggle with Fibromyalgia is bouts of severe sleeplessness and I have found that vaporizing a 50/50 Sativa/Indica hybrid like Medi-Bud works well at night for me.

For daytime relief, I have found that capsules made with a Sativa strain I like called Chocolope works amazing and they are seriously easy to make.  I purchased 2 pills for $6.50 at the dispensary but yikes… that’s super expensive!!  I looked into how to make my own capsules and found that all you need to do is infuse coconut oil with the strain you need (You can see how I did this here) and fill them yourself.

I purchased empty gel caps size “00” along with a Cap m Quik holder to make it easier and filled 50 capsules in about 15 minutes!

Everyone is different and you should start low and go slow, dosage wise.  My capsules are a little weaker than the ones I got from the dispensary but I can take 2 if I want to and that works fine for me too but my goal is to medicate without the head high unless I don’t care if it happens but usually I do care because my life is so busy and I need to be sharp.

I label my concoctions so my family is aware and will not touch medicine that is mine.

My little setup worked great!wp-image-414967533jpeg.jpg

At this point, I am really seeing a decrease in the withdrawals from Cymbalta and am just beyond happy to be nearly done with this struggle…. Fibro is hard enough; am I right??

I have also made a small batch of peanut butter cookies that came out great and I will talk about that another time but for now…. lets end this on a “High” note 🙂

Have a Happy Day!!   XO

4 thoughts on “Alternative Medicine for Fibromyalgia – Finding a Balance

  1. I explored this as an option once, and it was not for me. I didn’t like the side effects, I didn’t like how I felt the next day. But, that works for you, is wonderful. I think that there are many it’s a small arms out there that have been used in the past, but because the big Pharma, are no longer ‘allowed’.

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    1. After several month now, I have come to find that capsules or honey are my favorite ways of taking this kind of medicine…. I find it easier to control the dose to keep it low enough to offer relief without so much of the “high”. The high and all really helped my overcome the horrible withdrawals but now that I am back to my “normal” chronic self, I prefer to get relief without always feeling like I am drugged up (part of why I hated Cymbalta and other prescriptions in the first place)… anyway, it did take some trail and error and I am still learning but this really has been good for me.🙂 I hope you are well!

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  2. Thank you for sharing your positive outlook with fellow Fibro patients…sometimes I lack the patients though for a perfect cure or treatment to make my body untouchable:)
    I have been taking Cymbalta for 4 years of my 7 year journey. It has packed on pounds ( grr…) but has helped me on an even keel much more than anti-depression meds did. I can feel on Cymbalta where before I was just a shell. I would love to be Med free but have other diseases making that impossible.
    Could you tell me why you call Cymbalta the Devil Drug? Is there anyone there taking Cymbalta and taking relief from it? I have thought of starting the long process of weaning myself off but am scared. Have worn Cannabis patches and found such amazing relief!! but do not live in a medical marijuana state:(. Just a happy tourist!

    Thank you for any further helpful thoughts!

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    1. Hi Shevlin, I totally know what you mean by “lacking patience for a cure”. I even get tired of having Fibromyalgia as a dx and find myself looking for other things that I could possibly have instead… hoping for a misdiagnosis so that there is a chance that I might find that I have something that actually can be cured… It’s super silly to do, I know..

      Anyway, Fibromyalgia affects everyone differently and I have heard that Cymbalta helps a lot of people. In fact, that is why I even gave it a try myself… in hopes that it would help me. When I first started taking it, it gave me anxiety, heart palpitations, night sweats and I think my body was trying to reject it but I kept with it and after a couple of weeks, it seemed to be working for me. Then I found that I was still unable to sleep at night and even more tired during the day so I started taking them at night and that seemed to help some at first but then the insomnia and pain were still as bad if not worse than when I started the Cymbalta so we upped the dose… I gave Cymbalta a good 3 month try and just didn’t feel it was for me so I decided to wean off of it… This is when it really because “The Devil” because there is no real way to wean off of it and it is very difficult to endure the withdrawal symptoms while you are trying. It actually has its own illness called Cymbalta Discontinuation Syndrome. My withdrawal symptoms were so severe with heart flutters, hot flashes, electric like head and facial zaps, tremors, overall ill feeling… the only way I was able to relieve these symptoms were to take even a small amount of Cymbalta… like I had to have a “fix”.

      I used medical marijuana to help ease the withdrawals and after a few months, I finally stopped feeling the withdrawals… It was honestly one of the hardest things I have ever done. Now I use mmj to help treat my actual Fibro symptoms… I use different strains for different reasons and most of it is trial and error but I am finding so many ways to find the relief that I need.

      If Cymbalta is working for you, perhaps you should consider just sticking with it but I always highly recommend giving mmj a try if you can. I hadn’t heard of patches! That sounds amazing! I truly hope that it becomes legal in your area soon! Take care!


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