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Have a “Magical” Day! (Canna-Coconut Oil)

Years ago, my coworker and I used to speak a lot in code so that we weren’t swearing at work all the time.  one phrase that we literally wore out was “Have a magical day!”  Let’s put it into context:

Coworker: “Hey Sheri, I know that you are buried in work at the moment but I have 3 customers that you need to call in the next 10 mins.”

Me: “Ok, is there anything else?”

Coworker: “Yes, I need this quote made up by noon.”

Me: “Ok, go away now… Have a magical day!” **Smiling ever so sweetly**

“Have a magical day” = “F#*k you!”

I really miss working with that guy….

Anyways, I finally got the Magical Butter Machine I ordered.  The first thing I made was Cannabis infused coconut oil.  The machine was super easy to use and judging by the color of the finished product, I think it really did a great job. (Time will tell us for sure)

Ok so, the first thing I want to mention is that when I was looking into recipes and stuff to make my first infused goody in the new machine, I read about this person who said he had huge success with 2x strength when he made his first batches of oil but didn’t decarboxylate the herb first.  He said that the machine did it for him. Then when I opened mine, I flipped through the manual and saw that they offered instructions on decarbing before starting the process and I thought, “hmm, seems strange that the manual would instruct to decarboxylate beforehand if the machine does it for you…”

I went back to google to double check and my search brought me back to that same website but a much newer post that said that you should always decarb first … Thank Goodness I noticed this!!  I hate to think of the possible waste **shudder**

So… I ended up making a very nice and mild batch of Canna-Coconut Oil.  LOVE IT!!

Canna-Coconut Oil (MB2)


  • 4 – 14 g decarboxylated cannabis
  • 2 cups coconut oil (liquidy not in solid form)
  • 2 Tbsp Lecithin


1. Place all ingredients into machine.

2. Select the 160° temperature setting

3. Select the one hour setting

When the machine beeps (very loudly) it’s done! Just filter the mix through the very nice filter they give you with the MB2 machine and that’s it!

I had a full 2 cups and used a dropper to fill some empty capsules for daytime relief…. They are definitely mild but work great!! I love that I can decide to increase the dose by taking 2 pills if I want to but I think for regular strength, you might use 7-8 grams of herbs.

Always decarb your cannabis before you use it to infuse your goodies. 250° for about 35-40 mins.

If the oil is fairly solid, liquify it by gently warming it up a bit first.

MB2 machine you can buy on here and I believe that this link includes a $30 off coupon but if you get to the checkout and you don’t see it, try the code WAKEANDBAKE

Heres a jar of the finished Canna-oil.  You can see it’s probably about half as light as regular strength would be but it’s fine with me at this point.  I’m still new 😝

So there you have it!  Canna-Coconut Oil!  I love how versatile it is and I have several plans to try with it.  Fun, fun!!

Have a happy day! XO

9 thoughts on “Have a “Magical” Day! (Canna-Coconut Oil)

    1. Well… I use it to fill empty gel capsules for a very easy way to take medicinally. I actually wrote about that here:

      Otherwise, you can be creative and use it for a variety of baked goods that call for coconut oil, you could also look up skin care recipes that use bee’s wax, coconut oil and essential oils to make cannabis infused salves, ointment, lip balm, etc… I think it’s extremely versatile and in my opinion, better than a tincture.

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      1. Crazy stuff, right?! I will say, my first attempt at lip balm was a flop but I do plan to try it again. I think I didn’t use enough wax… Oh well, I’ll totally try it again and will likely share the experience too 😊

        Liked by 1 person

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