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High Time for Tea! 

Have you ever tried or even heard of Cymbalta for treating chronic pain?  How can I best explain it…. It sucks!   I am sure it has helped some people and that is great but it is not for me.  I started taking a low dose in March and am now STILL trying to wean off of it and experiencing less than pleasant withdrawal symptoms.  I have skipped the daily doses for the past 3 nights and today the electrical current zaps in my face are just asinine!!

If I were at home, I would likely choose to vape a 50/50 strain like Jack Herer or MOB to take the edge off but what I have available to me right now is honey, infused with a sativa strain called Chocolope (which I have previously tested for potency/tolerance) so… Tea is is!!

Here’s how I made my first batch of infused honey.  I think it came out as good as the infused honey I purchased from my local dispensary.

Canna-Honey (Small batch, Crock & Jar method)

First I decarboxylated 5g medical herb in 250° oven for 30-40 mins.  Then wrapped it up inside cheesecloth and secured it with kitchen string.

Then I poured 2/3 Cup honey into a pint sized mason jar and mixed 1 Tbsp Lecithin into the honey, added the wrapped herb and mixed it well to thoroughly saturate the herb satchel.

I then placed the covered mixture into a little dip crock and added enough hot water to covertat least the same level of honey in the jar.

I let this simmer for nearly 24hours while stirring and checking the water level throughout the cooking time.

Because I am new to wrapping with cheesecloth, I had to strain the honey through a strainer and into a little half pint jar (to sift out the cloth strings that ended up fraying and floating in it) but it worked beautifully.

VERY IMPORTANT STEP: Repeat after me… “Low and Slow”

Always remember to test each batch of any new edible when you have some time to spare and don’t plan to drive anywhere.

I found this particular batch to work well with 1 teaspoon per cup of tea in order to accomplish the effects I am looking for without the head high.  It’s mild and very yummy!

Have a happy day! XO

4 thoughts on “High Time for Tea! 

  1. Thank you for this. I have fibromyalgia also and actually just stopped taking cymbalta. I have Graves’ disease also and am trying to heal with cannabis and oils.. Thank you for the follow. I am super new to this whole blogging world. I look forward to reading much more from you 💜

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