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How much is too much? (Canna-butter recipe)

I sit here drinking my morning coffee on the last day of my summer vacation and wonder where the week went.  None of the days had much for down time… So much we wanted to do in so little time.  We went fishing, ate out, ate in, went for drinks, went yard sailing, played darts, went to the beach, prepared a shrimp boil for friends, made butter and cookies, went to the casino… Today we have a get-together with friends then it’s back to work tomorrow.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t regret utilizing all the time I can for doing these things. I’m tired but it’s worth it to me.  

Let’s talk about making cannabis infused butter… I am still new to this whole managing Fibromyalgia with mmj thing but it does appear to be helping.  I have slept so much better since taking an indica strain at night before bed. Ahhhhh….. There’s nothing like sleep, seriously.

So, I had some success with making a mildly infused butter using a little espresso maker.  Here’s what I did:

Easy Canna-butter (small batch / 1 stick)

I decarboxylated about 2.5g of medical cannabis herb by baking it at 250° for about 30-40 mins. (I used a sativa strain called Chocolope)

Then I added 1 & 1/4 stick of unsalted butter and added a little bit of water (making sure that the butter and water combined didn’t go over the little vent hole)

Place the filter into the bottom pot

Add the herb and attach the top pot

Cook over medium heat until it steams (or until the butter is all in the top pot.

I let it cool down, opened the pot, lifted the filter and poured the butter mixture into the bottom pot and repeated those steps again a second time.

After this I poured the butter and water into a pyrex glass measuring cup and placed in the freezer.  Once the butter separated and hardened some, I poked a hole in the butter and drained the water out.

I immediately used 4Tbsp for cookies that came out great and gently melted the rest so I could pour it into a little mould and freeze it.

Next time I will plan to use more herb but I will say that the cookies are delicious and I can eat two cookies to feel the results I am looking to get for daytime relief.

Let me know if you try this and have any success, tips or even complete fails…

Have a happy day! XO

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