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Awake at 3am again. This has been the norm for several months now. My fibromyalgia is getting worse.

This is the first entry to begin journalling my life with this illness and would like to try to notate everyday life, symptoms, progression, insights, etc…

I was diagnosed with fibro back in 2004 or 2005 and have struggled with the typical symptoms off and on since then. The severity comes and goes but there always seems to be something in pain. Looking back, my most memorable symptoms have been severe flank pain, frequent UTI symptoms, feelings of bruises in various places, bouts of insomnia, scalp and hair follicle pain, persistent migraines, leg pain, dizziness, neck and shoulder pain, hand and arm weakness/pain, fatigue… there’s more but these are among the most problematic for me which can really affect daily life.

In January 2016, I started having severe hot flashes and I self diagnosed it as likely menopausal since this was not something I had ever really had an issue with before and thought my early hysterectomy a few years ago may have contributed to an earlier onset. Migraines came more frequently and body aches and pains became more of a problem to the point of visibly limping at times. The hardest part has been the sleeplessness and fatigue.

I saw my doctor in March and after much discussion, we decided to try Cymbalta which is often used to treat fibromyalgia symptoms. I started on 30 ml per day and found that it initially gave me anxiety, dizziness, nausea and made me crazy loopy and tired so I started taking it at night and found that it made me drowsy and helped me fall asleep faster but I found that I’d still toss and turn all night and still wake up for hours which left me extremely fatigued during the day.

Still experiencing migraines and body pains, I saw my doctor again and she increased my Cymbalta dose from 30 to 60 ml per day.

After taking the increased dose for a few weeks, it is very obvious to me that it doesn’t appear to be working as I am still dealing with daily fatigue, pain and headaches. I want off of it!

I talked with my doctor about the possibility of trying medical marijuana (mmj) and made an appointment with a local practitioner for an evaluation for a mmj card for my illness.

At this point, regardless of a mmj approval, I have decided to wean off of Cymbalta. This is going to be very difficult as the withdrawals can be so severe that it even has its own illness called, Cymbalta discontinuation syndrome. Yikes! I am really hoping to be able to manage the withdrawals with mmj and then when that’s complete, I’d like to see how mmj works for actually treating fibromyalgia itself as I prefer to utilize my medication to manage my symptoms as I want and feel is right for me.

I am less interested in smoking it and more interested in vaporizing, edibles, oils, tinctures, lotions, etc…

I have already begun to taper off from the Cymbalta as I had forgotten to take two doses earlier this week while away from home. I figured I’d use the missed doses to my advantage and start the process. After the second missed dose, I had a horrible migraine that is ok now and have since been feeling “off” with anxiety, sudden headache zap pains, feeling like my brain is disconnected, not remembering words, still not sleeping and continued daytime fatigue.

My mmj appointment is set for Saturday and I’m hoping for the best!!

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